Dogs, these adorable creatures are generally known as man’s best friend; they are taken so close to humans for their high intellectual sense of being, protective purpose and most importantly for their funny, beautiful and adorable sense of belonging. These critters are so cherished by the ladies. This man’s best friend is now used by the guys for several reasons. Lots of guys love their company, while some guy uses these defenseless creatures as an accessory in courting the ladies. I personally use them for both purposes, I mean, as much as I love them as pets, a guy has got to do what a guy has got to do. What a twist from their intended purpose. Well, if you’re searching for a cutie that captures the ladies attention, look no further for here are the perfect dog breeds list.

Golden retriever

The golden retriever is number one on  the dog breeds list

The golden retriever is known to have the cuties puppies of any dog breeds list, yet still, as they grow older the continuously maintain their charming adorable looks. Their long golden coat makes them so irresistible. This seems to be an important part of their charm. This dog is known for its warm and friendly behavior around people. Making your appearance with the golden retriever at the park makes it super easy for you with the ladies.

The Collie

The collie dog breed

In Scotland, back in the 1800s this cutie was mainly used for herding, but are now used for the reason they are recognized, their cuteness. They have won a lot of trophies for their long, smooth coat at the dog show for years now. This special dog breeds has been seen as an admirable family dog, ever since Lassie. For these features, the ladies love the collie most among the dog breeds list.

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell dog breeds

The PBS show made possible the Jack Russell Terrier TV spotlight, which seemed to be the first. The Jack Russell Terriers is known to be a little vocal and rambunctious, but this won’t stop the Jack Russell from being as adorable as ever. If you have ever been the shy type, with a dog like this, consider yourself now a go-getter.

Siberian Husky 

The Siberian Husky dog breed

This dog is known for its performance. According to history, the Huskies are one of the hardest working mammals in the world. This breed of dogs are built to survive in the harshest environment in the world; this may include places like Siberia and northern Alaska. They have a double thick coat which allows them to comfortably live in extreme cold area. This places high importance on the Siberian husky as they become popular in most parts of the United States. From the dog breeds list a large number of siberian husky are adopted in California like in most part of the world.

Finally, among the cutest dog breeds list; Corgi

The Corgi is the cutest dog among the dog breeds list

These fluffy critters are the best partner you could ever ask for, though they appear very small before the eyes. They are extremely helpful in keeping your man card while also being cuddle and adorable enough to catch the attention of the lady friends you hope to make. This beautiful dog which has a pointy ear rocks a buttock that’s always shaking back and forth. With their herding gene, the corgi appears to be as energetic as bigger dogs.

Now when next you are coming to the local park try not to come alone but with one of this aesthetic critters. Who knows, you might walk away with a girl of your dreams.

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