In the world of today, life can be very demanding and hectic, we all have to be effective, efficient and able to carry out multiple tasks in order for us to cope with our rapidly changing world. Trying your best to be resilient enough to handle whatever life throws at you while being fully responsible isn’t so easy. So now the question would be, how can we charge our body and boost our morale whenever we are found at home? Well, this article is meant to answer that question. Exercise at home if properly scheduled can be the best and most suitable way to turbo-charge yourself while creating an effective personal presence.

Maintaining this personal presence can be difficult, bearing in mind that this perception isn’t a talent but a skill. However, the can be achieved by engaging in home training. But before we start you will have to get a couple of things ready with your mind made up. It’s important that you have a plan to work with, a set goal, a schedule and a prepared working space at home where training is carried out. With the above mentioned, an engaging and fun fitness exercise at home can be created.

  1. You should be able to pick an exercise that bests your lifestyle, taking note of your personality, habits and other health-related issues. Beware that not every exercise is suitable for everyone. Caution should also be placed on the manner and process at which training is carried out. Ignoring this could cause victims to suffer injuries such as stiff or sore joint, stress fractures, inflamed ligament, and tendons. Your immediate physical health is most important.
  2. Exercise at home doesn’t require you being an expert, a simple novice can attempt this by his or her self. But it’s important you take at least 10 minutes of your time to exercise and relax while doing so.
  3. Analyse your training sessions regularly. Trainers should be observant of their increased strength during training. The reason behind this is so trainers actually know which training works best for them. Feel free to hold off on training if you feel fatigued, sick or experiencing persistent aches. Knowing the training or technique which works better for you gives an extra boost. This allows you to properly plan and schedule your training for perfect fitness. So you can see that analyzing training sessions and understand your body’s capability is very essential.
  4. Stay dedicated to your training. It’s important that you keep track of your training session, the ability for you to start training on time and finish on time show self-discipline. Yes, it’s easy to get distracted when you are at the gym, but while you are at home you should be able to schedule your time and work according to your time. If yet still you are home and can’t still find time to train as scheduled, then you should reduce your training level to perfectly fit your time.
  5. Sometime during hot weathers training at home can be so tiring and dehydrating. We should be careful during the training session to watch out for side effects like headaches, nausea, cramp, dizziness, faintness, and palpitation to prevent our body from overheating.

Yoga can be a good exercise at home 

Over the years yoga has remained one of the best exercise at home. Besides flexibility, yoga seems to also build our mental and physical strength. Below are some poses that can help boost your training at home.

Downward dog

This yoga pose is good during exercise at home

This exercise helps in energizing the arms and legs, it also wonderful for strengthening the back as well.

Steps to carry out:

  • Stand on your hands and your knees
  • Raise your buttocks high to change your body position forming an inverted V shape
  • Lengthen your abs by pressing your shoulders away from your ears
  • Finally, hold your breath for at least three full breath.

Tree Pose

This pose is an effective way to exercise at home

This simple pose doesn’t look so effective in sight but is so effective. It strengthens the arms and hips.

Steps to carry out:

  • Stand upright with your hands against your hips
  • Now raise your hands up while standing on your right leg with the sole of your left foot on your thigh
  • Inhale for 30 seconds and repeat pose on a different leg.

Garland Pose

Garland is an effective yoga pose for home training

This strenuous but simple pose is perfect in strengthening the arms, hips, and abs.

Steps to carry out:

  • Take a push up position, but this time with your elbow close to your ribcage
  • Take a complete breath and repeat the pose with proper alignment.

So many yoga postures exit today, which includes the camel pose, triangle pose, four-limbed staff pose, cobra, supported bridge locust pose. Despite this number of yoga exercises, we all have the privilege to personally choose which yoga posture fits us best. Our body seems to be the most important factor when talking about our health. For better health, we need to take care of our body system. Home exercising is most suitable for the relaxation of the mind, body, and soul.

If you happen to find none of the exercises so interesting or useful, then you can always engage yourself in any physical activity such as biking, jogging and walking. We could also integrate some really easy exercises with our daily activity like making a phone call while squatting, walking or leg raising, this can be performed simultaneously.

The ability to exercise at home and adequately carry on with your daily life isn’t so laborious, it’s actually just a matter of time and dedication. With this, set goals and perceived accomplishments can be easily achieved.  

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