Why do men suffer baldness? At what age in men is this most common? What could be its psychological effect and how can I prevent this from happening? These are the common questions on the minds of most men suffering hair loss. Leaving a reasonable reason why they search for male baldness cure. Balding of the head for men, negatively affects men in two ways, first would be the hair loss and second is him losing his self-confidence. Some men term to lose their self-esteem while losing hair, this would be because the hair has a great row to play when it comes to facial beauty, without the hair some men won’t be much to look at, again most bald men are often seen as old men.

Albert Mannes, Ph.D., a University of Pennsylvania researcher who studied the perception of balding says “thick hair has always been associated with youth and masculinity” he also adds that “hair loss signals aging.”

People are easily deceived by baldness. Some men start getting bald at the age of 35; in some cases this sudden change or abrupt hair loss can be hereditary. This pattern of male baldness is an inherited sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), this is a sub-component of testosterone, it gives beautiful hair, eats up the front line of the hair and lastly bald the head. But not to be scared, you are about to learn even more on male baldness cure; including ways to save yourself from losing hairs, how you can regain lost hairs and how to accept hair lost if may be the case.

What causes baldness?

Doctors often diagnose this by sight; if your hair appears to only be growing around the side of your head to the crown, which is the top of your head, forming the letter M, this means the male pattern baldness. Balding of the head that spreads from the front hair across the scalp are noted to be health related.

“Hormonal or nutritional deficiencies, such as thyroid problems, low iron, low protein, can cause shedding,” says the medical doctor Carolyn Jacob, who also is the founder of Chicago cosmetics surgery and Dermatology. Therefore “don’t assume it’s genetic,” Marc Avram, a clinical professor, dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College and medical doctor added.

Early noticeable signs to baldness take longer to show. This might take as long as a year or more, making it a bit difficult to detect its cause at sight. This reason is why Dr. Avram advises that patient should see a Dermatologist when balding begins, so they can have a scalp biopsy to check and inform them on what they should know.

The scientific thought on baldness

So many TV commercials advertise various products and solutions to certain problems, but balding really isn’t among them. Medical doctor Marc Glashofer who also is a dermatologist in long beach, New York that specializes in hair loss, advises patients to “be wary of infomercials or internet ads touting hair growing shampoos or pills,” he adds “most haven’t been clinically studied and are usually a waste of your money”. Though there are shampoos out there that are very effective, but the problem is, which is more reliable?

Certain drugs have been prescribed the by FDA as being very productive in terms of maintaining and re-growing lost hair, these drugs are finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine). “Both are great in maintaining what you have and re-growing what you lost,” said George Cotsarelis, M.D., and a professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Propecia blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT, thereby reducing the chances of you losing hairs. At the same time, this can be harmful to you; this could disrupt the nerve, signaling pathways to the penis, which results to a loused up libido and ED. This study was found in the journal of sexual medicine.

Rogaine, on the other hand, is known to stimulate hair growth. “Rogaine often gets a bad rep because people don’t use it correctly,” says Dr. Cotsarelis. “You have to use Rogaine at least twice a day for at least six months before you see any results. It can actually cause shedding in the first month or two.” Still need more of male baldness cure? Well keep on reading.

Mind what you eat to prevent hair loss

fried food isn't advised when seeking male baldness cure

Eating smarter helps prevent instances of hair loss; if you have noticed any sign of hair shedding off, it’s recommended you avoid the intake of certain meals. Skipping fried foods reduces the production of oil glands activity and slows down the conversion of testosterone (T) to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), this research was carried in India.

Excess consumption of sugar can also be very bad, as it produces available more testosterone to be converted to DHT.

Try hair transplant

Recently doctors have quit old methods of hair transplant, where tufts are planted at the bald section. This old method of hair transplant gave the head a funny look. Better options are made possible today for in terms of hair transplant. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT) are the two most common methods used by doctors today. FUE is a process of harvesting the hair follicles from the back of the head, and FUT is concerned with cutting out strips of the scalp and transplanting them. This happens to be a more recommended option for those searching for male baldness cure.

Concerning FUT “surgeons harvest strips of the scalp and cut it into groups of three or four hairs,” said Dr. Costarelis. The disadvantage of this method is that it leaves the patient with a scare on the scalp, which would be a huge concern to those keeping low haircuts.

The scare gotten from this method would be a major reason why most people often choose the first method over the second, which is follicular unit extraction (FUE). “For the past several years, we’ve performed FUE in more than 95 percent of the cases,” said the medical doctor Alan Bauman, a hair loss specialist in Boca Raton, Florida. “It’s a shorter, less painful recovery and completely eliminates linear scaring along the back of the head.”

The disadvantage of this would be;

time wastage if compared to FUT. Again its more challenging, therefore doctors will have to trim most of the patients hair before starting. “Wear your hair a little longer to camouflage the trimmed areas,” says Dr. Avram. “Or wear it shot in the back so when we trim it, it blends.”

These techniques require lots of talent and are expensive, patients should seek experts in the FUE and FUT prior transplant. “A good doctor will present a medical plan to stop the progression of your hair loss, along with your hair transplant design,” said by Bauman. After this operation moisturizer should be added to the removable sides. In addition patients should avoid cardio for at least three to four days. Bleeding is likable to occur if blood rate rises to about 130, says Dr. Avram.

Change your view

male baldness cure? why not accept the new you.

Hair loss can strongly affect the mindset and self-esteem; generally bald men have three ways of coping with this. It’s normal that most of these men go into fitness or fashion, or they refrain from using mirrors. And lastly, very few of these men seem to accept this change. Accepting this new change in life is the easiest way to cope, the others just make it more difficult. This was founded by a German study. Might be that best answer to “male baldness cure” isn’t hair growth but rather acceptance. 

Change your view, it’s only made easy if you change the way you see yourself. The study author and Ph.D., says “interpret balding as a distinctive look or a sign of maturity rather than as a sign of aging.”

Getting your confidence might be the male baldness cure you seek

This is what Todd Sween Lahman, owner of Sweeney Todd’s barbershop in Los Angeles had to say, “Nine times out of ten, a shaved head is a vast improvement.” Also, a research carried out by Mannes revealed that men with shaved head are seen as being taller, more masculine and dominant than men with full hair. “People estimated that they could bench press about 13 percent more weight,” he added.

Mannes founded also that men with the shaved head are way more attractive than those with thinned hairs. There you go, the best possible answers to male baldness cure. Hope that was helpful. Feel free to drop your opinion or criticism in the comment box. 

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