A vast number of millennial in the year 2017 live with anxiety, and this number seems always to be rising in during the holiday seasons. What could be the cause of this vague unpleasant emotions. Humans have different reasons for why the act or feel the way they do, be it money expectations, relationships, work result or family. Over the years the numbers of individuals who suffer anxiety are rapidly increasing and seeking anxiety help. 

Studies have it that the immediate millennial experiences more stress than any other generation. Our generation not being fully equipped with effective handle this could be the more reason it’s ever increasing. But with the zeal to be helpful and creative, discussions are held on topics like this concerning our mental. Thankfully, with the aid of our newly emerging and advance social world, social media, forums and social network normally hold discussions like this, in which we’re able to explain with a common stranger, our angst. Other than stigmatizing our mental illness as most would have done in the past. Most of us feel lonely and helpless during this attacks but shouldn’t worry because there are several solutions for anxiety.

Therapy could also be a suitable option while seeking for anxiety help. I know of a friend who was terrified that he would never be able to control this attack, but with therapy he was relieved. Some wonderful tips were shared with him by the therapist and are called the distraction techniques. These amazingly reported techniques help ease those feelings of worry and anguish whenever they arise.

Welcome strange foods

Eating certain foods could help you concentrate more on something other than your anxiety. Are you a lover of Marmite or not? Whatever your preference may be, eatables such as Marmite and raisins help channel your focus from worry and nervousness. Take some time to examine this fruits, their texture, their smell and their smell. Pay attention to this fruits before actually consuming them. However, if dried fruits don’t seem to interest you, you could try biting into a hot chili or chewing a ginger root. Yea disgusting, but effective.

Feel high about yourself

See yourself as an eminent member of the society, or listing out does really magnificent features about yourself is one way you could overcome the overthinking or nervousness. This could be strongly considered a considerable means for anxiety help. During anxiety, it’s important to list out all the wonderful attribute concerning you, whether it be your standard of living, your position in the society or your appearance, just anything! If you find this not to be working or ineffective, then try to get good comments about yourself from outside. Let a friend tell you just how wonderful you are or rather read something positively written about yourself and see how it can help.

Empty your thoughts

Feeling completely empty and picturing yourself in some very difficult positions to get out of could also be of help. Some therapist suggests squeezing ice cubes to distract your thinking or feelings. Putting your finger on cold foods like ice cream could be among the very good solutions for anxiety.

Focus on an object

Are you trying so hard to distract your mind the bad but finding it difficult? This could be very difficult but worth giving a shot. Select anything, be it your favorite item or gift from a friend and focus pay attention to it. While doing this try to see if you can list out at least 30 different uses of it.

Engage in something mindful

Exercise and medication can practically comfort the mind. Exercise like yoga are particularly healthy ways in getting anxiety help. Letting go of your thoughts and focusing solely on the exercise can really be a relief. If you don’t normally exercise at all, now would be the best time to start.

Self-expression is one of the best solutions to getting anxiety help

Expressing emotions like crying or writing down your feeling on a diary or piece of paper or could be done simultaneously. Letting out your emotions through written words and allowing yourself being vulnerable to a piece of paper can really help your present state of being. Sorrowing away your worries is a completely normal and healthy way to express sadness and frustration.

Let it out

and finally, relief yourself of your frustration, let it out on an object. This might be punching a pillow or better still screaming into a pillow. Whatever destructive or pugnacious act that settles you, like ripping apart an old cassette tape, is okay.

Although you wouldn’t have to try all of these before getting rid of those vague unpleasant emotions, it just feels great having to know that you have several options to choose from among the several solutions for anxiety, which works based on individual preference.         


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