Questions you should probably ask yourself during marriage. When can i get pregnant? How long have i been married, am i yet a mother or just a wife? If yes you are a mother, then thats fine, but if no then believe me sooner or later the feelings and desire for your own adorably cute or as some ladies phrase it “bundle of joy” will surge in with the desire to get pregnant fast. Here are the best possible steps to having a baby sooner, along with proper guidelines to assist with possible fertility problems.

Visit your healthcare provider

Your health status is an important factor to consider when trying to have a baby. Visiting your doctor or health care provider to keep check for a healthy and properly shaped body helps. You should schedule a preconception checkup with your health care provider to keep you updated on your health status and changes to be made if necessary; your doctor should also be able to tell you if you are in a good shape to have a baby or not.

Stay healthy to get pregnant fast

While trying to go into pregnancy, there are some very good approaches and habits to keep in mind, which will leave out the question: when can i get pregnant completely out of thought. For women trying to get pregnant, you should try taking folic acid at least once a month before conceiving; this in some ways is good in reducing certain birth defect you won’t want to encounter after birth. Bad habits like drinking, smoking, hard drugs and the rest should be permanently avoided and stopped, as it isn’t good for you. Also constant intake of caffeine should be reduced; its recommended that you only take at least 200mg of caffeine once a day for a more healthy weight.

You should know when you ovulate

Knowing when you ovulate is a very crucial step you really need to know while trying to get pregnant. Ovulation timing is a key step to having a baby faster; you should be able to know when it’s your ovulation period, knowing your ovulation period. I bet it would be pretty romantic if you and your partner time your sex for a more productive result. For women having irregular periods, there are safe ways to follow while timing your ovulation. Knowing your period may be difficult, so it is advised to meet your doctor for proper assistance.

Having sex at the right time

Are trying everything but this? Then please no one wants to hear you ask when can i get pregnant anymore; because this is a crucial step to take. Once you have known when to expect your ovulation, you and your partner can decide the best time to have sex, which normally should be two to three days before you ovulate and will go on until you finally see your period.

During this period, having sex every day will be of very high advantage as well. And for women who don’t still seem to know when to see their period this approach also will be helpful. Well, this doesn’t mean staying away from work or neglecting your responsibilities just to have a baby, having sex every day doesn’t really matter, you can have sex at least twice or three times a week. “There’s no need to have sex every day,” says a fertility expert and midwife Zita West. The sperm inside of you can survive for a week which is 7 days. Marilyn Glenville, the author of getting pregnant faster also agrees in saying “don’t have sex every day, every other day is best to allow the sperm to build up in between.

Something else you should keep in mind while trying to get pregnant fast would be; not staying too many days without your partner ejaculating at least once. Ejaculation should be made at least once before meeting or reaching your most fertile period. This is to free up dead sperm cell before your most effective period; if in any instance there could be dead sperm cells still inside the scrotum.

While having sex you should note that sperm fertility rate can be reduced by certain products such as vaginal lubricant and olive oil. Consulting your doctor before using these products is advised.

Boost the sperm

More reasons you shouldn’t have to ask the question, when can i get pregnant? Having a strong and healthy sperm gives an edge in properly fertilizing the egg. Your partner should take note of certain do’s and don’ts, in other to have a more fertile sperm.

  • Your partner should get enough healthy nutrients to multiply and strengthen his sperm. Certain nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, and folic acid should be consumed.
  • If overweight your partner should exercise regularly to keep his body healthy and in perfect shape.
  • Stopping drugs and smoking will help your partner protect his sperm.
  • Try limiting the intake of alcohol, to about three times a day.
  • Avoid using hot tubes or taking hot baths, this is very bad for the sperm. Heat kills sperm cell and which is bad for anyone trying to have a baby in no time. The testicles are best left cold; studies have it that the testicles perform better at 94-96 degree Fahrenheit, which is cooler than the body temperature.


Keeping a calm relaxed and steady mind is good for women wishing to have a baby. Women stressed during their fertile time have lesser chances of becoming pregnant. This evidence was found in the University of Oxford.

According to Zita “Stress and the pressure on one another to conceive can hold up pregnancy, “as can other more general stresses, for example, couples may be moving house, trying to get up the career ladder, they could have financial worries.” According to research, 12% of women with stress were unable to conceive in the duration of one month.

“Stressful events, such as a new job or a death in the family may affect the time it takes to conceive by delaying ovulation and causing longer menstrual cycles,” says Angela Probert, author of The Well-Informed Parent.

She also added that “Timing sex for certain times of the month can put stress on dad and this can result in problems with ejaculation.”

Sex positions helps get pregnant fast

No sex position has been considered to increase or facilitate chances of having pregnancy, because it takes only one sperm cell to fertilize the egg; but basically having sex with your partner on top of you might rather be helpful. While trying this i would suggest placing a pillow under your hips with your legs raised high; and then after sex try to remain at that position for at least 20 minutes before standing up. This way the sperm may have some time to reach the eggs.

After failed attempts see a doctor

Women who have tried these methods for about a year and failed, and still wondering “when can i get pregnant”. Visiting a doctor or fertility specialist for proper medical checkup and advice is advised. If you should notice or know any reason why you and your partner are unable to succeed in having a baby, it’s best you discuss this with your doctor. Lastly, feel free to drop in the comment box more questions on the topic “when can i get pregnant?” Cheers 😀 .

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